Our Ogudu Home needs urgent painting before our 30th anniversary on the 4th of June

Ogudu front view
March 25, 2024
Ogudu compound view
October 14, 2018
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Today over one hundred and twenty children reside in four branches of the Little Saints Orphanage. Through the programme of reformation, they are all being educated in schools around the orphanage because without education life will always be a struggle for them.

Due to the effectiveness of our three-tier programme, more children are going for adoption and fostering thereby making room for more impact on our less-privileged children, especially those that weather the storms of life on the streets of Lagos.

Safe Haven for Children at ilejina ikorodu

A Four-acre-land in Ikorodu was donated to the orphanage by a Good Samaritan. This is being used for the Safe Haven for children project and extension of the Little Saints Orphanage vision for the Reformation and Reintegration of street children mostly orphaned and abandoned on the streets of Lagos.

The importance of taking these children off our streets cannot be over emphasized as these children are vulnerable and could easily fall prey to social vices such as prostitution, pick-pocketing, stealing and armed-robbery. They in turn could become hardened criminals that would end up terrorizing the citizens. Presently defenseless girls are being raped and abused daily on our street.
We are therefore soliciting for your generous donation to this worthy humanitarian cause. We invite you or your organization to be part of this epoch-making project as such projects financed by you could be branded for posterity, if you so desire.

A Brand New Site at Ikorodu needs funds to weed, level and fence for preparation for new facilities for needy children. We are determined to leave a legacy of succor and safety for our vulnerable children.

The land before clearing

The land After clearing

Exxon Mobil Producing donated one million naira in 2008 and another one million naira in 2010 for our Safe Haven Project. This has enabled us to clear the four acres of land and to construct a two feet fence around the four acres. We are ever grateful for their support. We need more help to finish the fence, install a gate and to build a gate house. We are confident that our dream for street children in our dream facilities below will come to pass. We are willing to take one step at a time with the help of corporate organisations who are commtted to their social responsibility. Kudos to EXXON MOBIL PRODUCING NIGERIA UNLIMITED!.

We will appreciate any donation to this project.

This new haven for children will have a football field, a swimming pool, a multi-purpose hall, a building for all types of vocational courses like photography, fashion, hair dressing, cooking etc.
The main objective is to stir up the natural abilities of the children, and to create an environment for the maximization of such abilities.
All donors who wish to contribute to the Safe Haven for Children Project should contact FOUNDER00234 (0) 8033024066.