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Little Saints Dreams - Precious Emmanuel

I dream of a Nigeria where education is valued very much. I dream of a Nigeria where there are no beggars and destitutes on the streets and also where lots of people will be compassionate and not just few out of millions of people in Nigeria. I dream of a Nigeria where a great number of people are in good health especially small children.

My visions on how to make these things come to existence is by praying for Gods intervention first and then by following up with hard work in my studies and coming out with not just good results but with authentic result from my external examinations and doing well also in university so as to come out with an excellent grade and get a great job which will help in putting smiles on the faces of the ones in need.
I really thank God for making me be under the care of a great woman of valor and high esteem. This is because she is among the few who value good education and also helps in promoting that. I am where I am today because of Rev Mrs. Dele George . She gives nothing less than quality education to all of us the children and I have vowed that once I am done with schooling and start earning my living I will start by giving back to the tower that has held me strong through all storms and the little ones still out there so as to promote good education and also my medical center will help in catering for the less privileged so as to reduce the rate of death in our society.

I will also embark on non-governmental organization where compassionate Nigerians can be able to help in taking care of the upcoming leaders because we can not do it all alone. We need the assistance of the good citizens of our country and not just our country of the whole world.


SSS3 Sciences

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