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It has come to our notice that fradulent individuals/websites are using the name of our Orphanage to get donations from Nigeria and abroad. Please take due dilligence to confirm from us by phone or email before rendering any assistance through any individual/website

Martha Vese

Name: Martha VeseMartha Vese
Age: 15 YEARS

As teens we want to do things in our own way, we want to always make decisions on our own which might help build up our future. We always want to take care of ourselves even though we sometimes lack the maturity.
To have a dream as a teenager is really very important in the 21st century most especially, now that corruption is common in our society.
As teenagers we need to set realistic goals which will help change the world for good. I am a young girl of 15years old, I have a dream to achieve greatness, and I believe I can. I live in the Little Saints orphanage presently. I don't see myself as inferior because I live in the orphanage. I have the same ambition like children that live with their own biological parents. I see myself as someone who is going to greater heights through the help of God.
I am a World changer, that's what I call myself. I want to change the world for good; I want to make a difference in our great nation. Every time I imagine Airlines having ''World changer'' on them, cars with ''World changer'' on them and how it will also be the name of a phone. I want to have lots and lots of companies, plazas, beauty salons, Gyms, Cyber cafes, and the greatest of all that will show my big heart is to have a very big school for the orphans.

This dream will bring a change by providing job opportunities for the graduates and jobless people on the streets and also education which is the best legacy for the children who are the leaders of tomorrow.

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