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Little Saints' Dreams -Kemi Olushola

Name: Kemi OlusholaKemi Olushola
Age: 12 Years

A teen is a young person between the age of 13-19. The teenage years at best, must be a time of life to begin to have a dream, so as to have the time to develop it. Dream is the ability to see, to be inspired and have good ideas about the future.
My dream is to become a teacher. A teacher is a trained person that can impact knowledge with full understanding about various issues of life. My dream is to be a teacher, but I have a long way to go with my education. Someone who isn't serious with his/her education cannot teach another person what he/she has not been taught.
I want to be a teacher in order for me to initiate better systems of teaching. Though there will be taking of notes as well as the study of theories, my emphasis will be on practical teaching using practical examples and situations. I want to give students deep knowledge of issues at hand.

I also want to bring a notable change to the educational system of our country.

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