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It has come to our notice that fradulent individuals/websites are using the name of our Orphanage to get donations from Nigeria and abroad. Please take due dilligence to confirm from us by phone or email before rendering any assistance through any individual/website

Happiness Ohowjene

My name is Happiness Ohowjene, I am seventeen (17) years old, In the future I will like to be a Broadcaster and also a Print Journalist.

I will want to be a Journalist in my generation so that I will be able to bring so many hidden things in my country Nigeria especially, to expose through the media like Tv, Radio Stations, Newspaper etc. I really want to focus on this career because I believe in myself strongly and I know that with Gods contribution in my life I will make it, not just that, I will also get to meet with respected and people of integrity round the world who will also assist me in rendering help to the society globally.

When I was a child, Ive always wanted to help the world in general but not with-out God help. I will want to help my society in a spectacular way., do something that no one else have done.
Well, like my mother Rev Dele George I will love to own an orphanage in my nearest future so that I could help poor orphans by taking them to the best schools in the world, feed them, clothe them and also assist them in other areas.
Secondly, I will love to help the widows financially by opening accounts for each of them in any bank of their choice so that they will be able to care for their children.

Thirdly, I will want the beggars all round the world to be recognized and loved worldwide so I will clamor for a the creation of a special day for them which I will call WORLD BEGGARSS CELEBRATION DAY and I really want this to start in my generation so that beggars will know that they are part of all living creatures in the world, so that they will feel loved and give glory to God.

I will also like to contribute to hidden talents of young teenagers in my society and most especially in Nigeria my country. I will love to finance talents like singing, Dancing and acting, and help them develop in the right way.
Lastly, I will love to adopt or foster 3 children from different orphanages myself, and also donate thrice a month to many other orphanages in a year.
I wish to do all this and fulfill all these d by dreams assistance and provision.