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It has come to our notice that fradulent individuals/websites are using the name of our Orphanage to get donations from Nigeria and abroad. Please take due dilligence to confirm from us by phone or email before rendering any assistance through any individual/website

About Us

Little Saints Orphanage is a divine haven for Orphans, Abused and Abandoned children,  It was the first non-governmental indigenous orphanage approved by the Lagos state government. Since inception on the 4th of  June 1994, more than  a thousand children have benefited from the  programmes of the orphanage.  Today over a hundred children with their nannies reside in four branches of the orphanage.

Little Saints orphanage has a three-tier programme for the children: Rehabilitation, Reformation and Reintegration.

REHABILITATION: The first objective is to take abandoned children off the streets and give them a befitting home. The little saints orphanage structurally is a haven in every measure. The children and babies are rehabilitated under the most conducive conditions with unconditional love and excellent care. Our vision is capital intensive because  we initiate and build rehabilitation centers. The hostel within these centers is called "LITTLE SAINTS HOUSE" for orphans, abused and abandoned children brought into the mission through the police or good Samaritans. Little saints house is home away from home for our precious saints.

REFORMATION: This is done through Education and extra curricular activities. Education  is  the best investment in children. The mission is determined to help the little saints  as far as they want go to  in their pursuit of academic excellence.  All Little Saints go to schools located around the orphanage. Presently  we many  of them in universities.

RE-INTEGRATION: They are reintegrated into society through adoption  and fostering to deserving and loving families.   There is also reconciliation to extended family members. We work in  collaboration with the State Ministry of youths, sports and social development on fostering and adoption issues. So far the exercise has yielded great results. In the beginning we appealed through the media for Nigerians to come forward to adopt but as at today  the orphanage has a waiting list of adopters  yearning  for children!

One of our greatest achievements is the impact we have made on adoption by raising the rate of adoption in Lagos State and by enforcing through interaction and motivation the procedures  for adoption.
The best service one can render to God  is  to raise up a child in his name to walk in his ways. God is the first to have adopted. He adopted us into his heavenly family through his son  Jesus Christ! This  is  why we must do the same and take every single child away from the streets into the security of a Godly home.

It is still unbelievable that a mother would carry a baby for nine months and after going through the near death experience of giving birth she decides to throw the baby in a pit or dump the baby in a dustbin. Our first abandoned baby was brought to the orphanage in a polythene bag. We were shocked! Today that baby is enjoying the love and comfort of a  loving  family through adoption. Presently, all Babies in Little Saints Orphanage get adopted within a few months after a release order from the court and the social welfare.  Glory to God!
Little saints' orphanage does not charge a single naira for adoption. Ours is a call to serve humanity.
The  next  step  for  Nigerians  to  take  is  towards  fostering  on  a  larger  scale .  We  hope  to  improve  on this  in  our  next stage  of  impact. When  children  are brought  to us  from  the  streets the Social Welfare  seek out extended families  for  reconciliation,  some times they  find  them  but  most  times they don't.

 We have BIG dreams...
The objective of the vision is to erase the stigma attached to the orphan status and to create a leverage of equality for these group of children with their peers in the world, irrespective of the unfortunate circumstances they were born into. We dream of a greater Nigeria devoid of street beggars,  street children and  homeless  women  laboring  for crumbs. We dream of beautiful and well equipped rehabilitation centers for the needy.
We dream of having compassionate leaders who will ensure that every  citizen  has a chance to a  good  standard of life.
Strong tower mission and Little saints Orphanage is praying and working out these dreams through various laudable projects and humanitarian activities.

With regards to funding, the orphanage depends on placement of collection boxes in public places, musical concerts, fund raising events, as well as financial and material donations from the founders, trustees, compassionate citizens and organizations.

We  invite everyone to pay a visit to the children of the Little saints' orphanage. The children are wonderful to behold. Their laughter, their tender touch, and their whispers of love and appreciation will stir up tenderness and compassion in anyone.
 We appeal to all our friends and patrons for total  commitment to give  regular  donations,  to attend our  programmes  and  to visit  the little  saints.  your presence gives the vision a boost  all  the time!