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It has come to our notice that fradulent individuals/websites are using the name of our Orphanage to get donations from Nigeria and abroad. Please take due dilligence to confirm from us by phone or email before rendering any assistance through any individual/website

Michael Abigail

My dream is to become an economist, as an economist I study or write about the relationship between production, trade and supply of money in a particular country or region. Nigeria is no longer economically viable. I know Im economical and can turn the country back to being economically viable. I want to be the younger economist to be the CBN governor.

To give back to the society I m going to be a very big financial assistant in everything that my sisters are doing. I will have a foundation that is based on helping orphans, less privilege, abused, and abandoned just like my mum Rev. Dele George has done.

For those of my sisters that want to have schools like Precious Etim, I' ll be a financial assistant in the area of payment of salaries to teachers although the school will be free. For Mary who wants to own a bank it takes a lot of process but money will be needed and no matter the problem Ill give a lending hand.

Finally whatever the girls in the orphanage where I grew up or the ones my sisters are going to build need Ill provide, with God as my main source and Mr Femi Osibona as my mentor. The reason for all these is so that those that my sisters and I will help in future will be able to give to the society more than we do through Gods help,AMEN.